Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (2024)


Adventure Escape Mysteries, developed by Haiku Games, has released two new adventures: The Echo Bay Murders and The Christmas Killer. Both adventures revolve around Detective Kate Gray, who jumps to investigate a series of locations, meanwhile finding clues, hidden objects, and mini-games to play for solving mysteries and secrets behind the scenes. We already have covered all previous adventures, and you can click on Adventure Escape Mysteries Walkthrough Guide to check them out individually.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (1)

This time, we jump in with AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough Guide to help you solve all tricky puzzles and mini-games. Similar to other adventures of AEM, it consists of up to 8 Chapters; each is set in a different location and comes with a series of hidden objects to discover. Investigating NPCs is mandatory as they may leave you clues and address to the suspect; therefore, you should act, think, absorb, and react like a detective.


The story follows a female character, Kate, a detective who embarks on an epic journey to the Coastal Town of Echo Bay. According to the plot, a person has disappeared mysteriously without leaving anything behind him. Kate was invited to investigate the case and find the missing person. The game starts when Kate Gray receives a phone call from Darius, who informs Kate about another missing woman. As the discussion ends between Kate Gray and Darius, the real adventure starts, and the game takes you in to discover hidden objects. As mentioned in the titles, it has eight chapters, each with unique locations and hidden objects to find.

AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough

Detective Kate Gray is driving to an area called Echo Bay to meet up with her old friend. During the journey, she receives a call from Murphy and Darius, who inform her about five women who have gone missing for over 10 years. Darius wants Kate Gray to investigate the case because he thinks the person behind the scene could be a serial killer. Investigating the case won’t be easy as there’s no list of hidden objects you are looking for; therefore, we jump in to help you and release AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough Guide.

AEM: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough Chapter 1

After reaching the location, start your investigation to discover hidden objects and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (2)

  • Firstly, collect a brush from the road and a button from the garbage trunk.
  • Next, interact with the character standing on the right side to get some information about the woman who recently disappeared.
  • Head to the garage and fix the missing key to unlock it, but you need code to get into it; search for codes by examining the signboard above the building. Upon investigating, you will discover four letters flickering, CYEO.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (3)

  • Enter the buttons (1925) related to the letters to unlock the garage and go through them to find other hidden objects.


  • Go through the door to reach the garage and search for hidden objects. After interacting with the blue cabinet, you must collect a step ladder from the scene and find the fuse.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (4)

  • Before leaving the area, don’t forget to notice the padlock fixed on the cupboard.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (5)

  • Head to the cupboard to play a mini-game and struggle to solve a padlock puzzle. When playing the game, you aim to move and match identical gears.
  • As the cupboard gets unlocked, obtain spare keys from the spot and go back outside to unlock the toilet door using these keys.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (6)


  • Go through the door to reach the bathroom and search for hidden objects. Firstly, collect a rag from the scene, select the brush from your inventory, and attach it to the handle to get a broom.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (7)

  • Use the brush to clean the floor and discover a key. Select the rag and put it into the basin to obtain a Damp Rag.
  • Keep the stepladder under the window and get a piece of fabric holding blood strains.
  • Next, collect the victim’s purse and examine the driver’s license. Add fabric and license to your diary and search for other hidden objects for later use.
  • Search the purse to discover a paper clue holding three different codes 39072, 83516, and 50401.
  • Open the door and down the toilet lid to discover an uncharged phone.
  • After getting all the clues from the bathroom, go outside and head to the vehicle next to the bathroom door.

Blue Car

  • Tap the vehicle and use the Damp Rag to clean the dirt. After that, tap the buttons in the given sequence (7-8, 3-4, 5-6, 1-2, and 5-6).

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (8)

  • Entering the correct numbers will unlock the vehicle door.
  • Enter the car to discover a USB Cable that you must plug into the port and put the phone to charge.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (9)

  • Leave the phone for a while; charging fully takes a few minutes. Select the key from the inventory and use it to unlock the compartment for a fuse, and don’t forget to hit the button set to unlock the trunk.
  • Come out of the vehicle and head to its trunk, where you will discover an extension cord.

Go back to Garage.

  • After getting an extension cord, return to the garage and use the cord with the auto lift to bring the vehicle down after hitting the button.
  • As the vehicle comes down, grab the screwdriver and duct tape from the board on the left side of the car. Before leaving the spot, don’t forget to notice the calendar next to the board.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (10)

  • Next, head to the vehicle again and use the screwdriver from the inventory to open up the panel on the right side of the steering wheel to collect another fuse.
  • Get into the garage again, use the screwdriver to open the fuse box on the left side of the cupboard, and place all three fuses in it to play a mini-game.

How to Solve Fuse Puzzle Mini-game?

  • In the Fuse Puzzle, your ultimate objective is to lead each colored spark onto its identical slot. To move a spark, you need to select the spark and use the directional arrows to move it.
  • Once you complete the puzzle, office electricity will be back. Select the duct tape and hit the monitor to repair the wire. Now, you are ready to check the security footage.
  • Go to the vehicle and grab the phone to see the time (6:45 PM) and date (Monday). The date would be 8 March 2021.
  • Head to the computer once again enter the date (03/8/2021) and Time (18:45), and see the footage of how she was leaving her car.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (11)

  • Soon, a suspect will be detected on the third camera, who has broken into the bathroom and kidnapped her.
  • Now, you have to leave the garage to discuss the issue with Darius and interact with the local Cops that were recently reached.
  • Leave the garage to check the hotel of the missing lady.

That’s the end of The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 1. Click here to read our Chapter 2 walkthrough, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8.

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Adventure Escape Mysteries: The Echo Bay Murders Walkthrough - (2024)


What is the code for the suitcase in Echo Bay Murders? ›

Tap on the luggage bag to start the interaction. Enter the code “5474” and you will open the bag. Ok, let's pick up some clean clothes. Tap on the clothes and Kate will take out “Tank Top” and “Leather Jacket” from the luggage bag.

What is the code for the escape series 1? ›

Type in E40, it is the code to unlock the panel. Once unlock you should be in the trunk. break the light and a key should fall out. Take the key to the front of the car, and click on the control panel behind the steering wheel.

What is the code for Hello Neighbor 2 Chapter 1? ›

You then arrange the blocks in the order, red, blue, green, yellow. This means the Hello Neighbor 2 safe code is: 1984. This gives you the first key.

What is the code for the Tripp suitcase? ›

The default combination is 0-0-0. To reset the combination, please follow the below steps: Lift the button (1) to unlock. Find the reset button (2) at the back of the lock, switch it from 'OFF' to 'SET'

What is the code for the suitcase sh3? ›

The time on the clock is the briefcase passcode. If it is 4:00, then the password is 0400. Inside will be an INSTANT CAMERA.

What is the code for the safe in the asylum? ›

The combination is 2971. When you open the safe, you'll find the Double Barrel, which as you might guess, is a double-barrel shotgun capable of dishing out immense damage at close range.

What is the mysterious safe code? ›

Scratch at the photograph hanging above the sign to reveal the Stray safe code: 1283. Unlocking the safe using the Stray safe code will earn you music sheet 8/8. Take it to Morusque, the musician around the corner, to hear them perform Unreadable Sheet Music.

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