Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (2024)

The Echo Bay Murders is an escape puzzle game from Haiku Games, playable through their Adventure Escape Mysteries app.

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 4 of The Echo Bay Murders. In chapter 3 you found your way in the forest to a cave but now you may be trapped.

A man called Phil is outside with a flat tire. He doesn't believe who you are.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (1)

Star: in front of the waterfall.

Give the evidence book to Phil. He then agrees to help and you need to fix his tire.

Collect a spare tire from the top of the car.

Then open the back to collect find the tool box. It is locked.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (2)

Tap on Phil to ask for the code but he doesn't know. There is a clue though on the box.



Count the little rivets around each digit. they are subtly different.




Open the box and collect a tire iron and car jack.

Change the tire now by using the car jack to lift up the car. Then use the tire iron to remove the flat tire. Add the spare tire and use the tire iron again to fix it.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (3)

You now enter the car to drive to the police station.

But you are chased and end up in a another car accident.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (4)

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (5)

First, take the glass shard from Kate’s leg.

Then tap top open the center compartment. The evidence book and a first aid kit fall out.

Collect the book.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (6)

Use the glass shard on the back of Phil's jacket to cut it open and view the phone.

It is broken but it is a clue.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (7)

Check the first aid kit and note the numbers written on it.



This is not the combination though.



On the upside down phone the keys for 4216 have other numbers highlighted.




Use the code to open the first aid kit.

Collect the scissors, bandage and alcohol swab.

Fix up Kate's leg by using the alcohol swab to clean the wound. Then wrap it with the bandage and finally cut the bandage with the scissors.

Then use the scissors to cut the wires from the broken radio.

Now tap the cracked glass to kick it out then exit the car.

The stranger is still after you so you try to hide in some boxes which begins a puzzle.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (8)

Hint: move around the maze, but avoid the yellow glow of the truck lights. move the 4 movable boxes out into the path of the truck to make it crash. You can hide in the light brown boxes with the holes in them.

Once he hits 4 boxes the car is stopped.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (9)

The stranger will now shoot at you. Phil will throw out his gun for you to collect.

Select the gun and tap on the stranger to take aim. You need to aim for the shoulder.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (10)

When you tap to fire you need to line up the contracting circle with the blue circle. You will need to fire 4 times. Each time he moves and you need to find him to fire again.

You hit him but he escapes by jumping off the bridge.

First move the 2 piles of broken wood on the ground to find and collect an Allen key and some vice grips.

You can tap the PDA device on the ground but we cannot use it yet.

Next tap on the strangers car to view inside.

Collect the registration card for evidence and also some plastic gloves.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (11)

Use the Allen key on the speaker panel on the door to open it, then use the scissors to collect the wires.

Exit the car and use the Allen key on the PDA device to open the back, than add the wires to it to start a puzzle.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (12)

Hint: Tap pairs of nodes to connect them with wires, you must connect all the nodes to each so that they have the same number of wires as the number on the node. Wires only go horizontally of vertically. You can have 2 wires between nodes.



One more wire is needed on the bottom right.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (13)

You will now have the working PDA.

Now enter your crashed car with Phil.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (14)

Use the vice grips on the car keys to collect then and then use them on the glove box to open it. Collect a Hook tool.

Exit the car and tap behind the strangers vehicle on the side of the bridge to see a pipe.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (15)

Tap the bloody hand print to collect the evidence.

Then use the hook tool on the drain grate to open it.

Collect the gun for evidence. Collect the Valve Wheel.

Then use the plastic gloves to collect the syringe.

Add the valve wheel to the top of the pipe.

Back up and use the syringe on the pool of spilled oil on the ground in front of the crashed car to collect some.

Then use this on the rear door of the delivery truck to let you open it.

Star: in the back of the truck.

View the box in the back to see that it has a lock.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (16)

Use the PDA and view the Bar Codes screen.

Match the one on the box to the correct one on the PDA to get the number



Then view the Delivery instructions screen to get the correct instruction


Leave package on PORCH

Hint: check the side of the truck for a clue to use for the code.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (17)



Use the word PORCH and match the letters to numbers using the phone number and letters on the truck signage.




Open the crate and collect the fire hose from inside.

Go back to the pipe on the side of the bridge and add the fire hose.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (18)

Tap the valve to turn on the water and this will put out the fire.

Go back inside the crashed vehicle to help Phil.

The police then arrive. Get out of the car and when asked use the gun and place it on the ground.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (19)

You are arrested and this completes Chapter 4

Move on to Echo Bay Chapter 5.

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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 4 (2024)


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