Facebook Marketplace Wichita Falls Tx (2024)

1. MARKET PLACE: Wichita Falls, Texas (TX) - Facebook

  • WELCOME TO MARKET PLACE! Buy & Sell, Advertise your business or products. • Online trading bazaar where you can find all kinds of

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2. Wichita falls TX Buy-Sale-Trade anything of value!! - Facebook

  • this is for anything of value Wichita and surrounding counties !!! buy-sell-trade-or goods and services and business opportunities.Anything you want of...

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3. Registered - Miscellaneous - Wichita Falls, Texas | Facebook Marketplace

  • Share. Details. Condition. Used - Good. 9 ft long the box is 4x4 and storage on top...pm if interested. Wichita Falls, TX. Location is approximate.

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4. Wichita Falls Trading Post | Facebook

  • This is the place to buy, sell, trade, advertise, etc. This is for Wichita County, TX residents and those that travel here often from the surrounding areas ONLY ...

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5. Vital Statistics | Wichita Falls, TX - Official Website

6. Wichita Falls Free Stuff! - Facebook

  • Here is a group to post items you have for free. No buying, selling, or advertising in comments or post. We cant babysit each of you, so If you have an...

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7. MAGA cookie from Texas bakery goes viral

  • 6 dagen geleden · WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KFDX/KJTL) — A Texas bakery is making the best ... Facebook page is full of light-hearted humorous content ...

  • Margie’s Bakery and Deli, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, has offered both sweet and savory selections to the community since 1970 — but now they’re facing harsh criticism.

8. Careers - The United Family

  • The leading distributor in the Southwest is looking for folks to help put quality food on the tables across Texas and New Mexico. ... Like us on Facebook to hear ...

  • Do you have a passion for people? A flair for creativity? Are you a natural born leader? Then we have a gig for you. Opportunities include full-time and

9. Congressman Pfluger announces 2024 service academy appointments

  • 2 dagen geleden · Dylan Kennedy of Llano, Texas; Joseph “Fitz” Kennedy of Llano, Texas; Griffin Cheslock of Early, Texas; Titus Blagg of Wichita Falls, Texas ...

  • WASHINGTON, DC Congressman August Pfluger is proud to announce that ten students have received a total of eleven appointments to one of our country's top-tier U.S. Service Academies per his nomination. "Congratulations to these outstanding young men and women for their hard-earned appointments to a U.S. Service Academy," said Congressman August Pfluger. "As a graduate [...]

10. Bloomington may explore housing incentive package - The Pantagraph

  • 2 dagen geleden · Marketplace · Shop Local · I Love A Deal · Bloomington Public Notice ... Wichita Falls, TX. Median home sale price: $171,598; Median household ...

  • The city of Bloomington is trying to figure out how to improve housing and what role the city should play.

11. The Supreme Court rules for Biden administration in a social media ...

  • 9 uur geleden · In February, the court heard arguments over Republican-passed laws in Florida and Texas that prohibit large social media companies from taking ...

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with the Biden administration in a dispute with Republican-led states over how far the federal government can go to combat controversial socia…

12. Locations in Wichita Falls, TX | Home Office Supplies - Office Depot

  • ... Wichita Falls, TX are ready to serve you. Don't run from one super store to the next trying to locate the pens, paper, printer ink and office furniture you ...

  • Visit your local Wichita Falls, TX Office Depot/ OfficeMax location for home office and school supplies.

13. Wichita Falls Employment - Facebook

  • Message me or Maxey Couture for me information! Pay Scale is attached in the comment section https://www.tdcj.texas.gov/co/index.html.

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14. 'Mad' wife accused of spiking husband's Mountain Dew with ...

  • 12 uur geleden · ... Facebook. Peters then told the detective that “she should have just ... Marketplace · More on CVHP · Mother's Day Giveaway · NASA Sahara dust ...

  • A Missouri woman is accused of putting weed killer and insecticide in her husband’s Mountain Dew because she was mad at him.

15. N/a - Miscellaneous Items - Wichita Falls, Texas | Facebook Marketplace

  • Hello my name is Gio Murillo and I am 22 years old and have known how to trim goats and sheep hooves since I was 8 years old. We charge $5 a head and .40...

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16. Fax, stereo , cooker - Wichita Falls, Texas | Facebook Marketplace

  • Used - Good. Stereo boom box, fax machine, outdoor cooker. Wichita Falls, TX. Location is approximate. Message · Miscellaneous · See all · misc wood in Oakley, ...

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Facebook Marketplace Wichita Falls Tx (2024)


How do I see everything on Facebook Marketplace? ›

To get there, look for the Marketplace icon in the Facebook app or visit facebook.com/marketplace. From there you'll be able to browse listings that interest you. You can adjust the listings that appear by sorting by distance, date listed or category.

How do I join the Facebook Marketplace for the first time? ›

Set up a Facebook Marketplace account

To set up your Facebook Marketplace account, simply log into your personal Facebook account and click on the Marketplace icon. If you don't see it immediately, try clicking on the “See More” option from the menu bar to find it. From there, you're ready to create a listing.

Why did I lose Marketplace on my Facebook? ›

Your main profile is the first profile you created on Facebook. All items for sale on Facebook Marketplace need to follow our Commerce Policies and Community Standards. If your listing goes against these policies, your access to Marketplace will be removed.

Why is my Facebook Marketplace not working today? ›

Signing out and back into Facebook can sometimes resolve issues such as Facebook not loading, or Facebook Marketplace not working. To log out of the Facebook app and log back in: Step 1: Tap Menu in the Facebook app, scroll down and tap Log Out. Step 2: Once signed out, log back in.

Why is Facebook Marketplace gone in 2024? ›

News: In 2024, users of Facebook Marketplace experienced difficulties accessing the platform due to a range of issues such as safety verifications, age restrictions, and geographic limitations. Consequently, violating the rules set by Facebook could result in account blocks.

Why can't I access Marketplace? ›

First, make sure you meet the requirements to use Facebook Marketplace. If you're not able to access that link, you can try visiting Marketplace from the menu in your Facebook app. You can access Marketplace in your Facebook app on iOS or Android. Facebook Marketplace isn't available for additional Facebook profiles.

What should you not do when selling on Facebook Marketplace? ›

No item for sale: Anything that isn't a physical product for sale shouldn't be listed on Marketplace. For example, "in search of" posts, lost and found posts, jokes and news aren't allowed. Services: Selling services (example: house cleaning) on Marketplace isn't allowed.

How much does Facebook charge to sell on Marketplace? ›

Facebook Marketplace Fees

Unlike other ecommerce or reselling marketplaces, Facebook charges zero fees to list your items if you sell them locally. If a customer places an order for shipping, the seller is only charged 5% of the sale price or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less.

What's wrong with FB right now? ›

User reports indicate no current problems at Facebook.

How do I see all Marketplace on Facebook? ›

1. Tap in the top right of Facebook. 2. Tap Marketplace.

Why can't I see all my Facebook Marketplace messages? ›

If you can't find your messages, you may have archived them when your item was marked as sold.


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